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Wojtol - Leszek Wójtowicz
Okulickiego street 59
Tomaszów Lub.

email: wojtol7@o2.pl
tel: 0048 605 059 166
fax: 0048 84 66 50097

Our location:

Since 1994 Wojtol Company specializes in:

  • buying/ selling high quality raw cow hides from the local farmers ,
  • salting,
  • segregating and exporting the cow hides to the European markets.

Raw cow hides are stored in a traditional way. Hides are salted twice (10-14 days salting cycles), segregated and stretch dried to lie flat. The whole process is done by qualified workers.

We offer:

  • Salted calf hides in 3-4 kg, 4-6 kg and 6-8 kg weight ranges.
  • Salted cow hides in 28-35 kg and 36+ weight ranges.

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